Planet Pharmacy. Leave it to the experts: discover Planet Pharma.
Over 25 years of positive and propositive presence on the market.
Our aim is 360 degree marketing, paying the due attention to sell-in as well as to sell-out.
Successfuk product launches and confirmed achievements.
Facts and figures prove us right: a large nuber of case histories at your disposal.

Innovation push
Planet Pharma emanates positive energy pushing pharmacy to evolve, to innovate and to approach new opportunities with enthusiasm and determination.

Standing by the manufacturer step by step with our professional skills strategic assessments
Careful assessments before planning new steps.

Tactical plans aiming at detailed, agreed objectives
Every step is planned and predefined for a perfect strategy.

Market penetration
Systematic. Deliberate. No space for unpreparedness.

Prompt and streamlined logistic
Information, management, deliveries. The planet of certainly.