About us

Global operations
Everithing in-house: from area managers to direct salesmen, from streamlined to processing centre.

Time to market (operations in real time)
The importance of being timely, makeing proposals and solutions available as soon as new maket trends require them. Up-to-the-minute events, opportunities and threats, to always feel the pulse of the market.

The strength of sales marketing at your… full service
Planet Pharma provides a most updated and comprehensive sale s marketing service, from set-up to final results, offering the most efficient and targeted business consultancy.

Mission: national management in pharmacy
An important guidanceĀ  and a definite orientation.
Planet Pharma operates nationwide for the principal with the task of global management, excelling in: Guided and coordinated operations
The most complete and active cooperation with salesmen and/or regional distributors.

Coherent targets and management procedures
Concretely toghether, providing a worthy support in sales, definite and specific targets, motivation, weekly sales analysis with tried and tested systems.

Objectivity and constant updating
Thorough and targeted market studies enable Planet Pharma to verify by means of objective and up-to-the-minute data the real opportunities and potentials of every single territorial area.

Agents trained as invincible task force
training courses, filmed seminars and role-plays for a resolute team that works well together.

Agents ready to win… always.
Well-defined guidelines, inspiring support, daily appraisals.
The rounds of customer visit are studied and planned with the very goal of providing targeted actions. Every proposal is fine-tuned to customer profile, dealt product range, traffic, closing days, potentials and specializations.

Agents committed to excellence
Specific canvasses, bonus-related targets, worthwhile benefits. In other words, guaranteed results.

Targeting pharmacy reality
Stocks, products turnover, competitors, troubling actions, potentials: everything is under control.

Pharmacy counter staff: more involved, attentive and responsive
Giving information, key issues and imput to consumer advice. A real non-stop training.

Conquering space in pharmacy
Promotions, display projects, immediate merchandising tools for counter and show-window. Customers are struck and caught.

Agents and customers: open dialogue via the web
Inforamtion in real time, innediate order trasmission, prompt updating.
Everything on line, everything efficiently.

Customer satisfied… or satisfied!
An important commitment of Planet Pharma is the assessment of customer satisfation, wich is periodically tested through a specific research. The results of these studies are concrete facts that enable Planet Pharma to assure a total quality service at any time toghether with the best customer care.

Prompt delivery always and anywhere
Our Standard delivery time? Within 72 hours from your order. And we are under your orders! Urgent? 24 hours.

Verified and guaranteed data
Assesssment oftarget achievement, sales per product and salesman, customer potential, stocks.




We are very researched:
let the research speak
Planet Pharma: a planet people talk about. Very much and well.
This is confirmed by a research conducted by Istituto Freni (according to the regulation of MRS – The Market researchSociety and AMA – American marketing Association), wich indicates that Planet Pharma is recognized as a dynamic, market aware and solid company.
Our key strengths? The interest shown by our customers towards our product range, our good commercial policy, the timelines of our deliveries, the quality of dealt products as well as of information and publicity material. Planet Pharma is considered a dynamic and steadily growing busineess, highly innovative.